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Moving into the future by learning about our past

Derby Dolphin Inn Close Up from 1953 Cathedral Pic.png

About Snapshots

Snapshots is a project that aims to create a local and historical legacy of the everyday people in the Cathedral Quarter area of Derby, dating back over 275 years.

Each Snapshot will take either a key event of global, national, or local importance, and examine both the effects this had on the everyday people in our area, and also the attitudes of everyday people in our area towards the event, or will examine a defined area of Derby and look at how events occurring in that area impacted on the everyday people of Derby.

"If you don't know history, then you don't know anything. You are a leaf that doesn't know it is part of a tree." - Michael Crichton

The Dolphin Inn, Derby 2023

How does this all tie in together?

By understanding and educating ourselves about Derby's history we can begin to learn just how wonderfully diverse and exciting that history is. 

With this comes an increased level of civic pride in our surroundings and with that comes an increased desire to engage and participate with initiatives regarding the future of our city.

When increased numbers of people actively take part in initiatives the chances of success for those initiatives increase exponentially.

Simply put - together we are stronger.

Derby Iron Gate 12 June 1953 (2).png

Who can get involved?


Snapshots will be open for everyone to take part in as we firmly believe that projects such as this are of immense value to all types of people.

Our aim is to make sure that we have various different methods of participation such as workshops, field trips and home-based learning.

There will be various Key Stage Learning opportunities during the project and getting involved in heritage has been proven to be beneficial to an individuals mental health.

Income will not be a barrier to Snapshots either. Nor will you level of academic achievement.

Snapshots will be open to everybody.

Iron Gate, Derby 2023
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