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The Beginnings

So where to begin with a project such as this?

We've started by isolating three things that we believe would be of benefit to the everyday people of Derby and we are already taking steps to try to ensure we make these things a reality.

We've then combined those three things with plans for the most extensive historical project dedicated to the history of the everyday people of Derby ever undertaken.

For these things to become not just possibilities - but probabilities - we need your support.

Our unique approach combines the use of history and heritage to involve and engage with people, spreading knowledge and civic pride as we do so, whilst using that generated pride in a positive, forward-thinking manner.

Take a look below at our first projects and if you feel you can help in anyway at all then please get in touch.

What are our plans?


Imagine a shop where everything you see in it has been sourced from either Derby or Derbyshire. A shop with old-fashioned standards of customer service and competitively priced products. A shop where you - the people - have a say in how it's run and a shop where everything you purchase builds and contributes towards a dividend that you receive every year - in cash. With its locally sourced products it's also substantially better for the environment. Many people have often reminisced about shops such as this. Many people have never had the chance to experience it. That's the shop we are proposing.


Want to celebrate and learn about Derby's wonderful history and heritage? Want to find out about what there is to do in Derby today - particularly low-cost things to do? Want to have a cup of tea or coffee and a friendly chat while you do so? That's what you'd be able to do in the Heritage Hub which will also offer Key Stage Learning opportunities. Think of a warm and friendly environment that celebrates both Derby's past and future with ever-changing displays and exhibitions - that's what we are planning. The Heritage Hub will also serve as a HQ for our Snapshots Project.


Derby is jam-packed with wonderfully talented creatives and we'd like to create a city-centre based gallery and exhibition space that allowed city centre visitors the opportunity to both see and purchase some wonderfully creative local products and pieces of art from exclusively local people.

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