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Our Vision and Approach

Irongate, Derby 2023


We envisage a bustling and busy Cathedral Quarter full of community-led activities.

A place where everyone - no matter who they are, how old they are, or how much disposable income they have - can come along and play an active part in various projects.

We envisage the everyday people of Derby as one of the most important stakeholders in everything that we do, and we want to engage at every available opportunity with you - the people - so we can work together and make sure that everything we do adds vibrancy, fun and social benefits to our city.

Our completed vision is a network of premises that interlink with each other and all share the common goal of being dedicated to the betterment of all of Derby's citizens and the city itself.

We firmly believe that together we are stronger and that together we can make an immeasurable positive difference to the lives of the everyday people of our city, and also the vibrancy and success of our area.

We envisage a process that is completely transparent organised by people that are completely approachable.

For centuries Derby has been a place of innovation and invention and we believe now is the time that the we make sure that our legacy lives on for centuries to come.

Our Approach

We believe that understanding our history and heritage can play a key role in helping us understand the foundations of our city, and in turn can help people take an increased level of civic pride in where we live, work, shop and socialise. Our process is therefore based on understanding our rich heritage whilst simultaneously building a better future.


We believe that by linking our past to a shared future vision we can create an environment in which engaged and positive people can play a part in the future of their surrounds, and we firmly believe that each and every individual that commits to helping our projects is as important as anyone else in the process.​

Although a CIC has Directors in the same way that a commercial company has directors, our Directors are here to attempt to facilitate the wishes of our community and aid in its betterment.

Partnerships are also a key tenet of our approach and strategy and we will actively be looking for partners - both commercial and non-commercial - for any and all of the projects we initiate.

We are everyday citizens of Derby - just like many of you - and we strongly believe that community-led ventures empower each and everyone of us, enabling us to create a vibrant and successful locale.

Together we truly are stronger and we'd love for you to join us on this journey.

The Strand, Derby 2023
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