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Derby Guildhall 2023

Revitalising Derby's past and future

Derby Uncovered CIC

The entire foundations and history of the city of Derby have had one constant factor connecting the many centuries and eras  - its people.

Now as we look to the future of our city we want to create spaces and premises for, and dedicated to, that very same constant - the people.

Derby Uncovered CIC have a bold and exciting vision that incorporates the rich fabric of Derby's history and heritage alongside a dynamic intent to repurpose empty city centre buildings for community use.

Join us on an exciting journey as we begin to revitalise and regenerate city centre properties - particularly those within the Cathedral Quarter - into community-driven purposes using the fabric of our wonderful history and heritage as a cornerstone of what we do.

About Us

Building a bridge from the past to the future

Derby Uncovered CIC is a Community Interest Company, formed by the people that brought you Derby Uncovered, that has been created with the mission and vision of revitalising city centre properties - particularly those within the Cathedral Quarter - for community-based projects whilst creating a greater understanding of Derby's rich and varied history and heritage.

The company aims to work both independently and with other stakeholders to deliver projects that are community-driven and serve a community purpose.

Our guiding principle is that the people of Derby represent one of the very foundations that everything else is built on, and we'd like the people to play a full and active part in the revitalisation of the city that surrounds them.

Derby Cathedral 2023

Contact Us

If you would like to know more, or if you feel that you can help with either time or resources, then please get in touch with us. Together we are stronger and any support would be greatly appreciated.


Tel: 07305 270708

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